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April 16th 2016, Ecuador was struck by the most powerful earthquake the country has seen since 1949. Hundreds of lives have been lost, thousands have been injured and tens of thousands need emergency shelters. With all donations you will receive your donation receipt for your tax return.

Ecuador Earthquake Relief Fund

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It has been 2 month from my departure of Ecuador. This country is full of heros. The people of Ecuador are amazing even in with the hard times that have consumed them. They are fighting to get back to normal, but they are scared to even go into a building. With over 2000 aftershocks, the fear is hard to overcome. With all of the heartaches that have been experienced in the last months, by the people of Ecuador,, your donations are what keeps them going. Anything helps, no matter how small. Thank you all for your generosity.

​Benjamin Paul Stromberg

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    100% of All Donations Go Toward the Relief Effort
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    100% of All Donated Material Goes Toward the Relief Effort


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